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We are a Berkshire based property management company. We pride ourselves for our friendly and personal approach in helping you create the right property options to suit your circumstances.

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Homeowners who are looking to sell quickly their property

Buyers who want to purchase a new home with little deposit

Landlords who don’t want to deal with tenants and rental voids

Tenants who are tired of renting and want to buy, but cannot get a mortgage

Investors who are looking to invest their money in property to get a better return than in a saving account

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Do you need to sell your property?

Do you need a quick sale in order to get the dream house you always wanted?

Do you have a property that you are struggling to let?

Do you have issues with difficult tenants and you don’t want the stress?

Are you trying to let your property as you have been unable to sell?

Our Solution

We can buy your house quickly and without stress.

We can lease or rent your property and move tenants from day one.

We can pay above market rent and manage the property for you for free. No more losing 10% rent from using letting agents.

We can also even have an agreement in place whereby we purchase your property after renting for a length of time.

We will look after your property as if it was our own.

Rent to Sell

Our Rent to Sell Option is a creative way to sell your property for the price you want and make extra money on it over several years, without the stress of being a Landlord.

This is also known as a Lease Option


This works for anybody, especially for people who:

  • Are in negative equity and not getting the price they want on the open market.
  • Looking to get rid of the property quickly
  • Landlords who are looking to sell their rental property
  • Homeowners who are unable to sell because buyers are not able to get a mortgage

Benefits of Rent to Sell / Lease Option:

  • Get the full market value price for your property
  • Make money on the rental, whilst having a fixed sale price in the future
  • The buyer takes care of all maintenance, bills and insurances, freeing you from any Landlord’s responsibilities
  • Complete peace of mind knowing your property is sold and in safe hands

Rent to Buy

Our Rent to Buy Option is a creative way to help anyone to get on the property ladder or purchase a second home.

It gives you the flexibility to buy your home for a fixed price at a later stage


This works for anybody, especially for people who:

  • Have bad credit history and are being refused loans and mortgages
  • Are Self-employed and cannot show 3 years of accounts
  • Are New to the UK and need to be a resident for 18 months before being able to borrow
  • Lack the funds for a big deposit

Benefits of Rent to Buy / Lease Option:

  • Buy your home for a fixed inflation proof price today
  • You only need to pay a small down payment to secure your home instead of a big deposit like a traditional purchase
  • Part of your monthly rent can go towards the purchase price, bringing down the amount you owe when you complete
  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! You are not obliged to purchase the property. You can walk away at any time if your circumstances change
  • Move in from day one and make the house your own

Creative Property Options
Estate Agents = POWER TEAM!


We work hand in hand with Estate Agents helping them in shifting quickly properties stuck in their books for weeks and months. This synergy enables them to reach their monthly target quicker.


We also get inundated ourselves with inquiries from people looking to sell. However, we are not always in a position to take them on. Instead of letting them go, we like referring these leads to trusted agents.

Whatever your property challenge is, we will find a creative option!

Let us help you take the stress of being a landlord.

Are you a Landlord struggling with your portfolio?, We can help Contact us Now!

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